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#20: Go dorsum to school

Ever since I graduated from college (seven years ago–how is that possible?), I’ve been thinking virtually going dorsum to school. I idea virtually getting a master’s inward library science, a master’s inward creative writing, fifty-fifty a master’s inward accounting. But I never pursued anything—I only did a lot of thinking.

This summer, my responsibilities at run changed, in addition to I started working on the fiscal side of things. Because I own got no experience inward accounting, I idea virtually taking a class. Then I idea virtually getting a master’s inward accounting. Then I realized how insane that was, in addition to I went dorsum to thinking virtually taking a class. At the terminate of July, I decided it was fourth dimension to halt thinking in addition to fourth dimension to accept action, in addition to therefore I got on our local community college’s website to encounter what sort of accounting courses they offered. In the midst of my search, I noticed a blurb virtually a library certificate. Within minutes, I was taking steps to sign upwardly for the library program, in addition to all thoughts of accounting savage yesteryear the wayside.

My computer program is a certificate inward Library in addition to Information Services. It’s solely xviii credits, but because of the mode classes are laid up, it volition accept 2 total years to consummate … if I produce upwardly one’s hear to remain amongst it. I’m taking i shape this semester, in addition to it’s online. In the beginning, I hated the class; I felt similar it was a lot of busy work. Now, the shape is getting better, but I want I could only become sit down inward a classroom for 3 hours i nighttime a calendar week in addition to hold upwardly done amongst it. This is the firstly online shape I’ve ever taken, in addition to I mean value I’m to a greater extent than of a traditional classroom sort of girl. (Unfortunately, this entire computer program is online, in addition to therefore I don’t own got the classroom option.)

When I’m finished, I’ll own got completed the requirements to hold upwardly a certified populace librarian inward Nebraska. (Many libraries require their librarians to own got a Master’s inward Library Science, but that’s non a soil requirement.) I figure if I completely autumn inward dear amongst it, I tin transportation away become on to a Master’s program. If not, I should hold upwardly able to larn a chore inward a populace library—which is something I’ve ever wanted to do.

The argue I’m non certain if I’ll consummate the computer program is because of the fourth dimension factor. I already experience similar I own got no gratis fourth dimension (which isn’t true; I’m only non managing my fourth dimension good at this point)—I shudder to mean value what this saltation volition hold upwardly similar amongst spoken communication season, a full-time job, and another class! But I too know that this is the perfect fourth dimension for me to hold upwardly inward school. At this indicate inward my life, I’m responsible for myself … in addition to that’s it! If I demand to remain upwardly until 2 a.m. working on a paper, I can. If I desire to view a bowl of cereal for supper spell reading, I can. And I tin transportation away fairly completely recuperate each weekend (at to the lowest degree until spoken communication starts). So I’m tentatively planning to sign upwardly for the side yesteryear side course of didactics inward the spring.

I’ll buy the farm along you lot posted.

Have you lot idea virtually going dorsum to schoolhouse years subsequently leaving college? If you lot did it, what was your experience?
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