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#23: Go to a province concert

This finish isn’t i I would get got had v years agone … or fifty-fifty final year, for that matter! I get got rather of late buy the farm a fan of province music. So when I heard The Band Perry was coming to the Nebraska State Fair, I decided to go. And I knew precisely who to get got amongst me–my friend Joanna. Jo is at to the lowest degree partially responsible for my conversion to province (though most of the credit goes to quondam roomie Melissa). One night, Jo together with I watched province music videos for hours later I confessed that I form of enjoyed them. Anyway, Jo together with I decided to buy the farm together. The problem? Jo is a senior inwards high school, together with she has volleyball exercise later school. So nosotros didn’t larn on the route to Grand Island until 6:45, together with the concert started at 7:30.

Once nosotros arrived at the province fairgrounds, nosotros hightailed it over to the Events Center. We weren’t fifty-fifty certain if we’d endure able to larn in, every bit the concert was complimentary amongst gate admission, but yous had to get got a wristband to larn in–and those were given out at the box constituent on a kickoff come-first served basis. We arrived at 7:35, together with a prissy lady handed us our wristbands. When nosotros walked in, the ring was already playing, together with the arena looked full. Jo has proficient eyes, though, together with she institute us seats … pretty much every bit far away from the phase every bit yous could get!

here), I totally would get got bought their album yesteryear now.

My favorite constituent of the concert was when they started singing the Eminem/Rihanna vocal “Love the Way You Lie.” At first, Jo together with I only looked at each other … together with therefore nosotros got it! They used it every bit a real effective lead-in to “The Way You Lie.”

Here nosotros are at the concert … sort of. I took almost ten pictures of us, together with i of us ever looked bad–so I spliced together 2 pictures. Notice that I’ve never claimed to endure a Photoshop whiz!

Overall, it was a slap-up agency to larn my feet moisture inwards the province music scene! Next stop, Carrie Underwood???
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