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Go to a Nebraska-Ohio State football game game

When I woke upwards final Sat morning, I had no sentiment I was nearly to fulfill i of the items on my 35 earlier 35 list. But at 3:30 p.m., I flora out my parents had turned downwardly tickets to the Nebraska-Ohio State football game game inward Lincoln together with those tickets were withal upwards for grabs. I pounced, together with shortly a friend together with I were careening toward Lincoln to bring together 85,424 other people cheering for the Huskers.

There’s nix quite similar the atmosphere at Memorial Stadium on game day. The people. The red. The cheering. The tunnel walk. It’s pretty incredible! Our seats were inward North Stadium, top row—which meant nosotros had a dorsum rest! Rumor had it legendary quarterback Tommie Frazier was inward i of the lodge boxes behind us, though I never saw him myself. And Ndamukong Suh was inward the house, every bit evidenced yesteryear the crowd’s cries of “SUUUUUHHHHHHHH” every so often. (If you lot didn’t know better, you’d yell back the crowd was booing the activity on the field—which it did a few times, peculiarly inward the showtime half.)

By halftime, nosotros were trailing 20-6, together with I was fairly soaked, thank you lot to the rain. Fortunately, the temperature was inward the upper 60’s or lower 70’s, so it was bearable. I turned to my friend together with said that if I’d been watching at my parents’ household (since I don’t convey TV), I would convey quit watching together with gone dwelling household already.

The 2nd one-half was absolutely amazing. With nearly eleven minutes left inward the tertiary quarter, nosotros were downwardly yesteryear 21 … together with so the tide began to turn. Lavonte David “recovered a fumble” but basically ripped the ball out of the Ohio State quarterback’s hands. And so a dissimilar Taylor Martinez showed upwards on the field. He together with manful somebody monarch Burkhead (whom the guy inward the row ahead of me repeatedly called a stud) worked together to topographic point the game away. It was the biggest comback inward Husker football game history! (Let me give roughly credit where credit is due, though—perhaps I’m beingness pessimistic, but I don’t yell back the Huskers would convey pulled it off had the Ohio State quarterback non gone out alongside an injury. The backup only couldn’t brand anything happen for the Buckeyes.)

And on a deplorable note, I witnessed defensive tackle Jared Crick’s final game every bit a Husker. Coach Pelini announced this calendar week that he’s out for the residual of the season alongside an injury … methinks this does non bode good for the defense!

So, why was this i of my 35 earlier 35 wishes? For the answer to that question, nosotros convey to become dorsum nearly 10 years to my arrival on the Grace College campus. Tons of people from Ohio attended Grace, together with they were pretty passionate nearly their Buckeyes. (And too their state. If I convey to listen Ohio referred to every bit “God’s Country” i to a greater extent than time, I may lose my lunch.) Soon, I began to dislike Ohio State football—even though my dearest Huskers never played them. I wanted them to lose—especially when they had that run where they were incredibly good. I fully sympathize that it’s picayune together with belike fifty-fifty “unChristian,” but I’m beingness honest here. That dislike never actually wore off, together with when the rumors of a Nebraska motion to the Big Ten started swirling, my showtime sentiment was, “Good. Now nosotros tin mail away musical rhythm out the pants off of Ohio State.” And thus, my want to attend a Nebraska-Ohio State football game game was born.
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