35 things earlier 35

Recently, I came across a “30 Things To Do Before I Turn 30” postal service on or together with thus other blog. Obviously, I missed the boat on that one, together with thus I decided to brand a listing of 35 things to exercise earlier I plough 35. These are things I haven’t done earlier (or at to the lowest degree I hadn’t done earlier my 30th birthday final month). Here nosotros go!

  1. bungee jump
  2. make a quilt
  3. get married
  4. go to a spa
  5. visit Prince Edward Island
  6. try fried butter
  7. take a cruise to Alaska
  8. have a minor fry (biological/adopted/step)
  9. appear on TV
  10. write a new I tin endure proud of (whether or non it e’er gets published)
  11. go to Europe
  12. release 35 pounds*
  13. take my dad to a Cubs game
  14. go to a dc Talk concert**
  15. buy a house (fulfilled 8-2-13—see post)
  16. watch the total serial run of Friday Night Lights***
  17. get a identify cat (fulfilled 8-3-13—see post)
  18. visit Maine
  19. take a pottery class
  20. go dorsum to school**** (fulfilled Fall 2011—see post)
  21. serve on a jury*****
  22. have a frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity 3
  23. go to a Earth concert (fulfilled 8-26-11—see post)
  24. learn how to brand cheese
  25. get a undertaking inwards a library
  26. go to the elevation of the Empire State Building
  27. get a massage
  28. grow my ain herbs
  29. take a cross Earth route trip
  30. read the Bible from encompass to cover
  31. go to Australia
  32. write something on this weblog that gets picked up/linked to yesteryear a good respected website or blogger
  33. attend a showtunes black at a pianoforte bar
  34. be a army camp counselor
  35. go to a Nebraska-Ohio State football game game (fulfilled 10-8-11—see post)

*This is how Sandi Patty talked well-nigh losing weight at Women of Faith. It makes sense–if yous lose something, yous desire to observe it again. When I unloosen 35 pounds, I volition never want to observe that weight again!

**Yes, I’m good aware that dc Talk broke upward a expert 10 years ago. Should they e’er become on a reunion tour (and they should), I would pay insane amounts of coin together with move a ridiculous distance to run across them.

***I watched the pilot. Twice. And I was incredibly bored both times. But I listen that it gets a lot ameliorate every bit it goes along (though I’ve also heard that flavor 2 gets a piddling terrible), together with thus I intend I should give it or together with thus other shot.

****Technically, I’ve already gone “back to school”–I took a semester off earlier get-go college, together with thus when I started, yous could consider it “going back.” But I intend it nevertheless counts–I desire to become dorsum again!

*****Ever since I learned what a jury was, I’ve wanted to serve on one. Strange, I know.
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