All Blue – Every Collector’s Heaven!

I’m non certain if y’all tin country from the photo, but today we’re gonna beak most a bar that has a One Piece topic to it. And from what I heard, it’s non the start ane inwards Amemura with the One Piece theme, but too therefore far it’s the best! This house is super novel too shiny, having simply opened on July 3rd, 2011. It’s called All Blue, why ? Because it’s the All Blue of every One Piece goodies too figures collector, this house contains a huge volume of figures, posters, plush, too more! I invite y’all to uncovering this paradise!

This bar is pretty tardily to get to. It’s ane block from Triangle park, correct across the street from the huge crab eating seat inwards Amemura. If y’all instruct to the Korean Embassy is on Midosuji street, own got the left plough due north of the embassy, walk direct across ane street, too All Blue volition live on correct at the corner of the minute street. But it’s a basement establishment, too therefore y’all should proceed an optic out for their sign/flag (pictured above). If y’all walk nether the bridge, you’ve gone likewise far. Here is or too therefore pictures taken at the CafĂ©, but y’all tin honour the totality of the pic inwards our Facebook page!