Canada together with Russian Federation Spar Over Geography

What an amazing globe nosotros alive inwards when trolling over social media is reported past times major word outlets. With the ongoing conflict inwards Eastern Ukraine raising tensions betwixt the nifty powers, Canada has this nifty answer to Russia’s claims that paratroopers captured inwards Ukraine weren’t helping insurgents, they simply got lost. To assist Russian soldiers inwards the future, Canada posted this map on Twitter:

Seems pretty clear cut, don’t y’all think? Not to live outdone, Russia responded alongside a map of their own:

This i colors inwards the Crimea equally Russian territory as well as Abkhazia/South Ossetia equally disputed territories, something non recognized on near Western maps. I bring to acknowledge Russian Federation produces amend character maps than Canada.

All inwards all its weird to meet countries snipe at each other (figuratively speaking) over social media. What if nosotros had Twitter during the Cuban Missile Crisis? Would that bring made matters amend or worse?

God foreclose if World War III lastly happens because of an Internet troll.

* * *

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