chew spry paste too picket a bang-up movie!

I went to the dentist yesterday. It was a pretty normal experience, every bit far every bit preventative tending visits go. My dentist ever gives the same spiel nearly eating foods that are expert for your teeth, staying away from sugary drinks, etc. And he usually says to chew paste that contains xylitol because it tin genuinely assistance your teeth. Well, he changed it upward a chip yesterday, recommending (and giving me samples of) a specific paste which contains no sweeteners other than xylitol: Spry.

Immediately, I recognized the name, merely it took me a piece to figure out why. Then it hitting me—My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend! It’s a moving painting I savage inwards dearest alongside a few years ago, in addition to my post service nearly it is genuinely my #1 viewed post service of all time. (You tin come across it here.) Spry paste has a supporting business office inwards the film—the primary character’s blood brother is the spokesman for Spry. I ever idea the paste was made upward for the movie, merely I guess not!

See the clip nearly Spry, which is ane of my favorite sequences inwards the film:
Now that you’ve seen the clip, larn ahead in addition to scout the whole movie. It’s in addition to then cute in addition to clean! Oh, and—if y’all tin uncovering it—buy approximately Spry to larn alongside the movie!