Flag Friday: British Korea

Guest post yesteryear Sam McDonald, amongst aid from Laqueesha.

This is the flag of British Korea. It’s from a basis where it was Britain, rather than America, which convinced Nippon to come upwards out of isolation. The British had intended to add together Nippon to their empire, simply it shortly became clear this wouldn’t endure feasible. The British, however, had been poking around Korea, which presented a much easier target, as well as thence British Korea was born. Side effects of this included a Spanish-Japanese nation of war inwards which Nippon took the Philippines, Guam as well as the Marianas Islands; every bit good every bit Japanese participation inwards the Scramble for Africa.

British Korea was occupied yesteryear the Japanese during World War II, simply the British regained it afterward the war. The Soviets demanded command of Northern Korea, simply the British wished it to remain unified. As a compromise, British Korea remained unified spell Nippon was separate into a Communist North as well as a Democratic South. Korea officially gained independence from the British inwards the 1970s.

Also, since I know soul volition nation it, British Korea is Best Korea.

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Sam McDonald is a college educatee from Shreveport, LA.  When non involved amongst his studies he tin endure institute making as well as posting maps across the spider web as well as working on brusk stories that he hopes to accept published inwards magazines such every bit Lightspeed, Strange Horizons, as well as the Escape Artists Podcasts. 

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