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I haven’t done a bulleted listing of randomness for a long time. So hither y’all go!

  • I’m sick of reading. This is non proficient for a mass blogger, but it’s where I am correct now. I’ve been sticking to my destination of alone requesting books I’m actually interested inwards reading, but this does non assistance me now, equally the books due inwards Jan together with Feb were requested inwards Dec or earlier. For the most part, these are books that I actually wanted to read at the fourth dimension … I merely don’t experience similar reading them now!
  • Are y’all watching Downton Abbey? If not, why not? Season One merely won a Golden Globe lastly night, together with it won several Emmy Awards lastly year, also. Downton is laid inwards the fourth dimension leading upward to together with during World War I. It’s inwards the vein of Upstairs, Downstairs in that it deals alongside an aristocratic identify unit of measurement together with the family’s servants. Season Two is, together with thus far, a chip toned downward from Season One—the “evil” characters are, for the most part, less evil, together with much of the identify unit of measurement conflict has diminished. I nevertheless absolutely abhor Thomas, though … together with thus much together with thus that I tweeted the next lastly night:

    Thomas doesn’t fifty-fifty receive got to live on enshroud for my loathing of him to grow–all it takes is a advert of his name! 

    Also, I would get hitched alongside Matthew Crawley or Mr. Bates inwards a heartbeat. Downton airs on PBS on Lord’s Day nights through Feb 19, together with y’all tin spotter Season One on pbs.org through tomorrow or on Netflix.

  • Les Misérables — the musical version — is finally coming to the big screen. I was together with thus excited when I outset heard — but ane of the casting choices has given me pause. Let’s start alongside the ones I (more or less) approve of. Colm Wilkinson is Valjean. However, he’s getting a chip quondam together with wouldn’t receive got the describe of individual alongside the star ability of, say, Hugh Jackman, who has been cast inwards the role. Jackman does receive got a wonderful vocalisation (see his 2009 Oscar functioning it’s been offered.) I’m unremarkably pretty ambivalent toward TSwift, but Eponine? Really? I could run into her equally Cosette, perhaps, if they absolutely had to cast her (her popularity volition belike convey girls to the theater). I shudder to intend of what “On My Own” would audio similar coming out of Swift’s mouth. (Lea Salonga, who inwards my hear is the definitive Eponine, sings it will non live playing Eponine. I experience similar nosotros Les Mis fans dodged a bullet here!***
  • I’ve discovered a means to arrive to a greater extent than steps for the Ja-La-Sta 10,000 Steps Walking Challenge acre also keeping upward alongside my commitment to read through the Bible this year — I clit upward YouVersion on my calculator together with hear to the AudioBible! My trouble solid is basically gear upward inwards a circle alongside the living room at the front end together with the kitchen at the back. So I crank the mass on my calculator together with walk inwards a 25-step circle for the forty minutes or together with thus it takes to larn through the day’s chapters. It’s a chip monotonous, but having Scripture to focus my hear on makes the fourth dimension larn faster.
  • I’ve in ane trial once again been sucked into the trashy globe of The Bachelor. (I prefer The Bachelorette because the guys aren’t together with thus catty, but I’m enjoying this, too.) Normally, I assay out here and plough over her about comment love! 
  • Southwest Airlines rocks! Low fares. Bags wing free. And straightaway this: Blendy together with I got ridiculously inexpensive tickets to wing out to run into Val adjacent month, together with a bunch of us decided to larn together to purchase tickets for our friend Jamie to larn alongside us. Because nosotros didn’t larn her tickets during the sale, they were much to a greater extent than expensive. Well, nosotros didn’t precisely clear the dates alongside Jamie outset (not a smart move, but it was supposed to live a surprise), together with she has parent-teacher conferences on the twenty-four hours of our return. So this evening I went to southwest.com to alter her itinerary … together with I was pleasantly surprised to discovery they don’t receive got whatever trip alter fees! And, since they’re currently running a sale, I was able to larn her novel tickets for less coin than her quondam tickets! Unfortunately, the outset tickets were non-refundable, but if she wants to wing anywhere else before adjacent November, she has a $30 credit to run with! 

There’s my listing of things that receive got been on my mind. What well-nigh you? Any books, movies, or TV shows you’re loving? Want to throw things at me for suggesting Taylor Swift may non live correct for the exercise of Eponine? Want to larn something else off your chest? Tell us well-nigh it inwards the comments!

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