How to Reduce Fat in Beef

Beef was very interested by every culinary enthusiast. However, when you are undergoing the diet, it will avoid the consumption of beef because the fat is very high. Fat that causes a person to become obese. So many people are trying to lose weight by diet and avoid eating certain foods, such as beef.

Fat contained in beef very much indeed, roughly about 13.9 grams per 100 grams. Well, for that you need to reduce the fat in beef is to cut all the fat until it is clean. Beef that has been cleaned of fat capable of leaving about 2.8 grams per 100 grams of beef. Here is how to reduce the fat in beef as manifested in this article.

In some beef, you will find a fat white meat. When you find it, you should remove the white part on the surface of the meat alone. Do not cut the white fat located in the center of the meat. Because it will make the meat be cut too small, so the size is not to your liking. This little fat will melt when heated and will make the meat becomes more savory.

It is not denied, the beef is very tasty. Almost all people are fond of processed beef. Berbalit beef fat is very tasty and yet a fan would be hard to resist. However, if the fat in beef is too much accumulate in our bodies will certainly endanger our health. Then, how we can still eat beef without any sense of fear of fat that threaten our health? Here’s how to lose fat on the beef that you can see.

How to Reduce Fat in Beef

    1. First of all, cook the beef in the frying pan or wok. Cook over medium heat until completely cooked the beef.
    2. Then, lift matured beef and place on a plate that was given with paper towel to eat. Top of the meat is shut due to eating tissue and let stand for about 1 minute.
    3. Then, place the beef on screening with a bowl underneath. Then pour the hot water in which the meat is pointless to shed fat.
    4. Finally, you drain the beef for 5 minutes and beef that has you remove the fat is ready to be processed in accordance with the refined cuisine of your choice.

Well, that’s how to lose fat on the beef. So you no longer need to worry about the fat in beef due to already know how to eliminate fat. And you calm the dangers that lurk your cholesterol. Good luck.