lazy saturday thoughts

I don’t bring anywhere to live until 2:30, as well as I don’t bring whatever books that bring to live read now, thence I’m enjoying a rare morn of laziness. I decided to write a “real” post—it’s been a piece since I’ve written anything likewise a majority review!

  • One of Tricia Goyer’s books is complimentary on Amazon correct now. She’s the writer of my favorite Amish serial (which I reviewed here as well as here). You tin give notice acquire Songbird Under a High German Moon here, but hurry! Another of her books was complimentary 2 days ago, as well as at nowadays it costs almost $10—I don’t know how long this bargain volition last!
  • My parents received the “Hall of Faith” observe at Nebraska Christian’s Harvest Festival concluding night. The observe is given to faithful supporters of the school. It’s supposed to live a surprise, but they figured it out—which I told my boss would happen! Mom is ever responsible for ordering the plaque, as well as she knew something was upward when no ane would say her who the winner was. We did acquire by to surprise them a fighting though—my blood brother as well as sister-in-law came, sat where nosotros knew Mom as well as Dad wouldn’t encounter them, as well as thence showed themselves after the banquet ended. I didn’t acquire whatever pictures at the consequence (I’m hoping my yearbook lensman was on give of it), thence here’s a recent painting of my wonderful—and deserving—parents.
  • I intend I’m going to seize amongst teeth the bullet as well as acquire TV. Not pay TV, but complimentary TV. I haven’t had TV since I moved out of my storey over a twelvemonth ago, as well as after hooking upward my sister’s converter box as well as antenna for her concluding weekend (or turning on the converter box as well as turning the TV to the correct channel, which is basically all “hooking it up” required), I’ve decided to create the same for myself. I already ain a converter box, thence it’s simply a affair of buying an antenna (which tin give notice live actually expensive. And fifty-fifty though I checked out, I’m however non certain what I need). Hulu as well as Netflix give me a lot of TV options, but sometimes y’all simply desire to live able to sentry immediately, y’all know?
  • You should cheque out Clash of the Titles, this fun website I stumbled across recently. Basically, 2 books become head-to-head, as well as y’all vote on the excerpt y’all liked best. There are ever contests to enter, too … as well as I simply won a $10 Starbucks gift carte du jour yesterday, thence I know it’s possible to win! 
  • Snow White: Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 Tale of Terror, which is ane of the movies I talked most inwards the “My Life inwards Films” post service a few weeks ago, is at nowadays streaming on Netflix. Yes, I’ve already added it to my queue.
  • I abhor online learning. I sympathize its value as well as convenience, but I’d so much rather go to a existent classroom where I could physically interact amongst my teacher as well as classmates. And I’m thinking most quitting the library program. More on that to come upward after …