Map Monday: Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 Russian In the Pacific past times Lynn Davis

Sometimes y’all only can’t continue a expert alternate cartographer down. That’s why Lynn Davis has returned ane time once again to Map Mon together with the map I chose to characteristic from her is titled “A Russian In the Pacific“:

There are a yoke reasons why I picked this map. First, its because the scenario genuinely comes from this blog. Specifically from Flag Friday: Russian Philippines past times well-known invitee contributor Sam McDonald, who commissioned the to a higher house map from Lynn. In this timeline Russian Federation is to a greater extent than Pacific oriented together with gained command of the Philippines (or Petrines inwards ATL) from Spain. Seventy years later, the Petrines are an integral role of the Russian Empire together with convey a cosmopolitan culture.

The minute argue is rather straightforward: this is only some other damn expert map from Lynn. It is inwards a mode that she describes equally “atlas” together with I bask the infobox together with other add-ons to the map. It does await similar Sam got his coin worth amongst this one. More importantly, if y’all would similar a map from Lynn, she is doing commissions together with has a Patreon page. It ever of import to back upwards the creators inwards our community then I highly recommend y’all banking concern fit those links out if y’all larn the chance.

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