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History has a Way of Repeating Itself past times Tricia Goyer

Forty years agone a single, immature adult woman was nearly to give birth. She didn’t know how she could afford a kid without her parents’ help. She hadn’t talked to her erstwhile immature homo inwards months. She had no stance how to accomplish him, how to state him she was having his child.

This immature adult woman attended church building some, even together with thus her dialogue amongst God was stilted. How could God allow this hand to her? What would her life survive similar now? H5N1 infant immature lady was born, together with upon belongings her kid this immature lady knew things would survive okay. Perhaps this infant was a gift, non a burden equally she supposed.

This adult woman raised her immature lady the best she could, together with spell she wanted to give her kid to a greater extent than than she had . . . history has a agency of repeating itself. When the immature lady became a immature woman, she constitute herself inwards the same situation—living at home, meaning together with scared.

The immature lady knew she could heighten this child. After all, her mom had done it. But what would her life survive like? How could God allow this hand to her? If you lot haven’t guessed already. I was the immature lady born to a unmarried mom together with equally a teenager became a unmarried mom myself. At historic catamenia 17, God gave me a son. My immature homo was out of the picture, together with I faced raising a kid lone amongst petty education, no coin and, perhaps according to the world, petty promise for my future.

Now if you lot accept this storey at confront value, I am cipher to a greater extent than than a statistic. According to regime research, most daughters of immature mothers volition survive teen mothers themselves. They confront lives of hardship, living on welfare for the most move — becoming a burden rather than an property to society.

Yet, I am non a statistic. Why? Because God doesn’t create them.

ll bring together us each solar daytime for some other unique perspective on Mother woman parent of pearl, solar daytime 6: tricia goyer

As a 17-year-old meaning teenager I prayed a unproblematic prayer, “God, I conduct maintain messed upward my life big time. If you lot tin sack create anything amongst it, delight do.” I dedicated my life together with my see to him together with things changed. I had promise inwards my see together with I started walking God’s way. God brought an amazing, Christian homo into my life. John was a wonderful hubby together with a begetter to my son. When had a immature lady together with some other ane on the way, God did something else unexpected. He gave me the wishing to write books.

This Mother’s Day, my see is filled amongst thanksgiving. I’m thankful for my woman parent who chose life for me. I’m thankful that when I questioned my future, God gave me hope.

History has a agency of repeating itself inwards families, simply fifty-fifty to a greater extent than of import that our history of mess-ups is God’s history of setting things right. God has a history of seeing something no ane else does . . . similar seeing a manly soul monarch inwards a shepherd man child named David, seeing an apostle inwards a immature zealot named Paul, together with seeing a mighty warrior inwards a frightened nobody named Gideon. God’s X-ray eyes run across correct through whatever outward characteristics or national statistics. His X-ray eyes scan downwardly to the heart.

Where conduct maintain you lot felt you’ve fallen brusk of God’s perfect plan? Trust that God’s dream is to plow a mess-up into a miracle. He’s a BIG God amongst BIG dreams. H5N1 God who has made an understanding amongst us that is eternal, final, together with sealed. H5N1 God who is rigid inwards our weakness. A God who sees the future, sees the past times together with has a perfect invention for me . . . together with for you. It’s something nosotros tin sack all survive thankful for.


Tricia Goyer is a busy mom of six, grandmother of two, together with married adult woman to John. Somewhere around the hustle together with bustle of household unit of measurement life, she manages to uncovering the fourth dimension to write fictional tales delighting together with entertaining readers together with non-fiction titles offering encouragement together with hope. Tricia is besides on the blogging squad at and other homeschooling together with Christian sites. In improver to her roles equally mom, married adult woman together with author, Tricia volunteers around her community together with mentors teen moms. Tricia, along amongst a grouping of friends, of late launched, sharing ideas nearly simplifying life. She besides hosts the weekly radio podcast, Living Inspired. Learn to a greater extent than nearly Tricia at

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