my (current) favorite things, march 2013 edition

It’s been a really long fourth dimension since I’ve done a “favorite things” postal service … though I produce accept 2 that I started to write lastly yr in addition to never posted! Here are some things I’ve been enjoying lately:

  • French press coffee. Last week, I finally bought a French press. I’d been wanting 1 for a while, but I but never got around to buying one. What took me thus long? French press java is awesome! Plus, I tin brand yet much (or little) I want. I ended upwardly getting the Primula Classic Glass 8-Cup Coffee Press though I produce accept 2 that I started to write lastly yr in addition to never posted my (current) favorite things, march 2013 edition, in addition to I’m glad I got it when I did—the cost has jumped $7 since I ordered it!
  • My cats. I’ve been pretty soundless well-nigh them on the weblog lately, but they’re still here, in addition to I still dear them! I’m non certain if Isis volition always forgive me for taking away her endangerment to live a mother, but the changes inward Hammond in addition to Skaara since I got them fixed accept to a greater extent than than made upwardly for whatever hatred Isis shoots my way! Also, Sam is still around—she’s the stray who showed upwardly lastly autumn looking similar she was at death’s door. She’s fully recovered in addition to is directly definitely 1 of the crew … though I wouldn’t discovery myself heartbroken if she disappeared! (Hammond is some other story. When I lose him, my pump volition break.)
See those eyes? They are definitely not saying, “I dear you, Becky!”
  • Pushing Daisies. Several years ago, my cousin Beth told me I should sentry Pushing Daisies because I’d truly similar it. I didn’t truly desire to bring together a exhibit mid-season, thus I but filed away her recommendation. Then the exhibit got canceled, in addition to I forgot well-nigh it. H5N1 few days ago, I was looking for something to sentry earlier bed. Netflix didn’t accept anything that called to me, thus I checked out Amazon Prime Instant Video. And at that spot it was: Pushing Daisies. I watched the get-go episode in addition to was entranced. (I blogged well-nigh the episode here.) Pushing Daisies is whimsical, funny, in addition to beautifully filmed. If you lot accept Prime, you lot should definitely check it out though I produce accept 2 that I started to write lastly yr in addition to never posted my (current) favorite things, march 2013 edition
  • Chicken pizza. I of late “invented” the most divine (and simple) chicken pizza. It tin live made inward xx minutes, start to finish. It tastes wonderful, in addition to it’s truly pretty healthy! Look for the recipe on the weblog soon.
  • Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer. My sis Val introduced me to this primer when nosotros visited for Thanksgiving. It is absolutely wonderful! I bought my ain but earlier Christmas, in addition to I’m still on the get-go bottle … thus fifty-fifty though it costs $36, it lasts a long time! (I solely role it on days I habiliment foundation. On other days, I role Avon’s MagiX Face Perfector. At $10 a bottle, it’s a fleck to a greater extent than economical!)
  • Lizzie Bennet diaries. I get-go heard well-nigh this YouTube serial on Annie Downs’ blog. It’s fantastic! Check out the get-go episode below, in addition to thus I’m certain you’ll desire to sentry more. 

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