my life inward films

I came across this post on writer Kaye Dacus’s weblog this morning, as well as I couldn’t resist making my ain list. After all, I practise beloved me precisely about movies!

Films that Remind Me of Childhood

  • The Sound of Music. When I was little, nosotros didn’t possess got a VCR, as well as hence I didn’t larn to scout many movies. My grandparents had one, though, as well as every fourth dimension nosotros visited, I wanted to scout The Sound of Music. And I pretended (in my ain head, of course–not aloud) that I was Liesl.
  • The Three Stooges: Disorder inwards the Court as well as Malice inwards the Palace. This is precisely about other video nosotros e’er watched at my grandparents’ solid … as well as my grandma hated it. Disorder inwards the Court was my favorite, but I e’er watched Malice inwards the Palace, too. Both films are on YouTube–here and here!
  • Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue. After watching this movie, I sat on my petty blood brother as well as made him hope never to practise drugs! Remember how I said nosotros didn’t possess got a VCR? Well, we didn’t, but the schoolhouse did, as well as hence my dad would permit us purpose the VCR on weekends. (My parents were boys’ dorm parents.) This moving painting didn’t belong to us–it was e’er on the TV cart, as well as nosotros e’er seemed to scout it. If you’re a kid of the ’80s, you’ve gotta scout it! (I am amazed at how much I recall of it!)
  • The BBC/Wonderworks productions of The Lion, the Witch, as well as the Wardrobe; Prince Caspian; The Voyage of the Dawn Treader; as well as The Silver Chair. My uncle gave us these i Christmas, as well as nosotros watched them over … as well as over … as well as over!

Films that Defined My Teens

    • While You Were Sleeping. This moving painting came out when I was an eighth grader–and fifty-fifty today, it’s my favorite movie!
    • Derby. Honestly, it’s non that great. But I yet beloved it for all the memories it brings back! My cousins as well as I watched it advertizing nauseam–so many times that my video record began wearing out as well as the audio eroded!
    • Newsies. This moving painting (and the music) became my obsession. I inaugural off watched it at a friend’s birthday party, as well as it speedily became i of my favorites. It’s difficult to fathom now, but I searched as well as searched as well as searched for the moving painting as well as sountrack (how did I alive without Amazon?)–and I didn’t larn either i until early on college. My sis as well as I yet possess got Newsies sing-alongs on route trips!
    • The Princess Bride. Didn’t meet this until the eighth grade, fifty-fifty though it had been out for years. It speedily became i of my family’s favorite films.
    • Liar, Liar. I’ll acknowledge it: I lived a pretty sheltered childhood. And I practise believe most people inwards my degree had a perception of me that was agency off. So I gauge this makes sense, but yet … When Liar, Liar came out, my friend Dori as well as I made plans to meet it. We were talking close said plans inwards Castilian i day, as well as this guy turned to Dori as well as said, “Don’t accept Becky to that movie. She won’t similar it.” Well, gauge what, Jeremy? I did like the movie, as well as I fifty-fifty ain it now. And every fourth dimension I scout it, I mean value of that incident.
    • Anne of Avonlea. How many times did I rewind as well as rewatch the osculation at the end? It’s belike improve that y’all don’t know!

    Films that Defined My College Years

      • The Matrix. Though I loved scientific discipline fiction TV (like Star Trek: TNG and Stargate: SG-1), I never watched sci-fi films … until The Matrix. The even out absolutely blew me away, as well as the particular effects were pretty cool, too! (Parts ii & 3, though … non as well as hence much!)
      • Snow White: Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 Tale of Terror. During my inaugural off semester at Grace, I didn’t possess got whatever Th afternoon classes. Neither did Danielle, this other daughter on my hall. We never hung out or fifty-fifty actually talked at whatever other time, but most Thursdays we’d goal upwards inwards the lounge together watching movies on Lifetime. One Thursday, this was on. I’ve never seen it again, but every fourth dimension it comes to mind, I recall Thursdays amongst Danielle.
      • A Walk to Remember. I could call i of close a dozen chick flicks here, but of them all, A Walk to Remember was my favorite. I loved the story. I loved the soundtrack. I loved Shane West.

      Films When I Need a Good Cry

      • Brian’s Song (2001 TV movie, non the original). This is the exclusively moving painting that consistently makes me sob–I fifty-fifty start crying earlier Brian gets ill because I know what’s coming!
      • Up. The beginning. My center precisely breaks for Carl!
      Nightmares from Films
      • Only one. Arachnophobia. I watched close v minutes of it once, had a nightmare close spiders that night, as well as possess got stayed away from it ever since!

      Films that Are Guilty Pleasures

      The Last Film I Saw at the Theater
      • The Help. Just saw it final nighttime amongst my mom, aunt, as well as cousin. Loved it!

      A Favorite Film Few Others Seem to Know About

      • If you’ve been reading my weblog really long, y’all already know what I’m going to say, every bit I precisely can’t halt talking close it: My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend! (If y’all click on the link on the title, you’ll become to Hulu, where y’all tin hand the sack scout it correct now.) Alyssa Milano. The e’er adorable Christopher Gorham. Jimmy Olsen himself, Michael Landes. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 brief appearance past times Tiffani from California Dreams. AND it’s a cute story.

      What close you? Leave your answers inwards the comments, or improve yet, write close it on your ain weblog as well as shipping service the link inwards the comments. And please, if y’all haven’t yet watched My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend, practise it. You’ll give cheers me later.