need something to read or watch?

I dear books. I dear movies. I dear TV.

This should come upward every bit a surprise to just … no one.

What may surprise y’all is that I’ve of late been getting rid of simply about of my books, movies, in addition to TV seasons. I decided to create this because of late I felt similar God was cry for me to. I don’t desire to overspiritualize anything here—it’s non similar I heard the vocalization of God say, “Becky, sell your stuff!” But i twenty-four hours acre I was reading my Bible, I of a abrupt had the idea that I should instruct through my DVD collection in addition to instruct rid of simply about things.

Ultimately, it doesn’t thing if the idea came from God or simply randomly popped into my brain; weeding things out of my collection is a skillful thing. When I started my weblog Cinematic Survey in 2009, I had 162 movies in addition to 39 tv seasons on DVD. That set out has risen substantially since then. And don’t fifty-fifty instruct me started on my shelves in addition to shelves of books!

About a twelvemonth ago, I decided to instruct through my bookshelves in addition to give the books I no longer wanted to the Nebraska Christian library. While it was hard to role amongst my books at first, each fourth dimension I expect through my shelves, I convey an easier fourth dimension getting rid of a mass or ten. And I break virtually all of the review books I read, keeping solely the ones I actually really love.

While I’ve been quite happily giving away books, I’ve flora it quite hard to instruct rid of whatever movies. (My Cinematic Survey journey is proof of that—of the 85 movies I’ve reviewed, I initially decided to conk along 72.) But when I had the prompting to instruct through my collection, I at i time pulled 10 or 12 things off the shelf. Comparatively, that’s non really many, but it’s a start.

I gave Blendy showtime pick, in addition to she took several things. The remaining movies in addition to TV seasons were listed on, in addition to I’ve already sold 2 things (Bones seasons i in addition to three—for much less than I paid for them, but for to a greater extent than than I’d convey made if they remained on my shelf!). I convey xiii things listed correct now—if you’re looking for a actually skillful bargain on Edward Scissorhands, I can totally claw y’all up!

Hopefully, I’ll convey the same sense amongst DVDs that I did amongst books in addition to detect that the to a greater extent than I instruct over the shelves, the easier it volition hold upward to weed out the things I don’t demand to keep. And mayhap I’ll fifty-fifty brand a niggling coin inwards the process!