Soal UAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 9 Semester 1 + Kunci Jawaban

Assalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb. Selamat datang di blog kumpulansoaltest.. Pada kesempatan kali ini akan kami bagikan pola latihan Soal UAS / Ulangan Akhir Semester 1 (Ganjil) Kelas 9 / IX SMP / MTs Mapel Bahasa Inggris beserta Kunci Jawaban

Cuplikan Soal : 

1.        Madani          : Um, have you heard that our favorite teacher, Mr. Dahlan is awarded to
                          be the best teacher?
Umang                        : ….
Madani            : Yeah, here it is the article in the magazine. Read it yourself.
Umang                        : Wow, it’s great. Let’s congratulate him.
a.       Do you think so?
b.      Are you sure?
c.       Did he tell you?
d.      Do you trust on him?

2.  Opick                     : Din, there is a good film on Multi Screen Theatre this afternoon. Let’s watch
   it. I have two free tickets.
Udin                : Hmm, I’d love to. But, … I can. I’ve to see my grandma. She’s hospitalized.
Opick              : O, sorry. Well, we can go some other time. What if I accompany you?
Udin                : It’s okay. Please go, I can manage it myself. Moreover, grandma is getting
a.      I can’t say for certain
b.      I’m afraid
c.       I’m absolutely sure
d.      It’s undoubted
2.      Shafira : Hi, morning, Rahma.
Rahma             : Hello, Fira. Look out!  …. 
Shafira             : Yeah, it is. Shall we go to the beach?
Rahma             : Brilliant idea. Let’s go. Cycling?
Shafira             : Ok.
a.       How dull the day is!
b.      What a beautiful day it is!
c.       How nice is it today!
d.      What a long day!
Read the text for no. 4 – 6 carefully.
Due to the 20th anniversary of SMP Bina Taruna Bangsa, annual English contests will be held. They are debate, drama, speech, story retelling and wall magazine.
Please register before Oct 28th to Ms. Santinem or contact 085882765432 (Ms. Hamidun)
 3.      What is the purpose of the text above?
a.       To celebrate the anniversary of SMP Bina Taruna Bangsa
b.      To take part in English contests in SMP Bina Taruna Bangsa.
c.       To advertise SMP Bina Taruna Bangsa
d.      To announce about English contests held in SMP Bina Taruna Bangsa
4.      Which event can’t the contest participants possibly take a part individually?
a.      Debate
b.      Story retelling
c.       Wall magazine
d.      Speech
5.      Based on the text above, we know that ….
a.      The person in charge with registration is Ms. Santinem.
b.      You have to go to the school for information/registration
c.       The event is held every month.
d.      There are four events competed in the event.

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