sometimes, it’s amend to pay

A few months ago, nosotros were inward Kansas cleaning out my grandma’s house. While working inward the bathroom, I tweeted the following:

Becky Ritta

Cleaning out grandma’s house. Just works life some Milk of Magnesia that expired inward 1988!

That should direct maintain been alert plenty to ignore the “treasure” I works life inward that bathroom—a hot H2O bottle. But, beingness my father’s daughter, I decided to direct maintain the bottle habitation amongst me, so saving the $7 or as well as then I’d pay for 1 at Walmart.

Flash frontwards to tonight. I wasn’t feeling great, as well as then I decided to dig out the hot H2O bottle. I filled it, checked it all over for leaks, wrapped it inward a towel, as well as took it to bed amongst me. Then I works life the latest episode of Ringer to watch. (Ringer is my “guilty pleasure” TV of the season. The plot business actually is ludicrous, but I bask it—just inquire Blendy … I gave her a 20-minute recap of the flavour piece nosotros drove habitation from Grand Island today!)

So at that spot I was, all settled into my bed, watching Ringer on my figurer as well as trying to acquire my heed off my stomachache, when of a abrupt I was wet. Soaking. The hot H2O bottle had popped similar a balloon. For a second, I but lay at that spot piece the hot (HOT!) H2O ran over my breadbasket as well as to my backside. Then I leapt to my feet, belongings the hot H2O bottle, trying to comprise the remaining water. I was largely unsuccessful.

Water went everywhere. My bed, a retention foam mattress, got soaked. I looked similar I’d moisture my pants. Somehow, H2O fifty-fifty got inward 1 of my shoes, which was several feet away from both the bed as well as the door. Maybe I sloshed the H2O but about when I jumped out of bed?

Somehow, all the electronics escaped unscathed. (Thank goodness!) And I but made the next buy on Amazon:
Large, 2-quart capacity. ribbed surface helps retain warm or mutual coldness temperatures. made from durable, natural condom latex.

Lesson learned.