The Audio File: v Year Anniversary Special

Guest post service past times Sam McDonald.

So hither nosotros are, the 5th anniversary of . I’ve got a really particular edition of The Audio File for y’all guys this time. We’re going to revisit podcasts that I’ve featured inwards the past. For diverse reasons I didn’t include inwards my previous Audio Files. Sometimes I merely forgot, sometimes the flush hadn’t come upward out yet but I’m making upward for that now.

Normally I’d speak almost the podcasts that are to survive featured, but idea nosotros could speak almost The Audio File itself in addition to a chip of my ain history. I don’t quite hollo back when I establish this blog, but I knew I wanted to survive role of it instantly. I made some flags, in addition to I made maps roofing episodes of The Twilight Histories. I’m non ashamed of whatsoever of that, but I e’er felt that I was stumbling around in addition to non actually finding my voice. So what could I produce to stand upward out from the crowd?
I’d noticed that Matt said he wasn’t that into audiobooks, then mayhap that would survive something. I’d every bit good noticed that a lot of the good fiction podcasts I hear to tended to accept somewhat shoddy search systems; then looking upward a item episode could survive a chip of a pain. It would survive dainty if at that topographic point were a sure enough listing of sorts consummate amongst reviews of the stories. With all of this inwards hear I knew what my path ahead would be. Now the alone interrogation was what would I advert my creation?
I considered names such every bit Freebies or Cheapskates inwards reference to the costless nature of the good fiction, but no. Then I idea almost The Audio File, a play-on of audiophile inwards reference to my dear of good fiction. Audio File every bit good happens to survive the advert of the premiere audiobook magazine, but I didn’t notice that out until later. I chop-chop pose together an initiative article in addition to waited to meet how matter played out. It has been to a greater extent than successful than I could accept ever imagined.
Those outset 2 editions are perfectly fine inwards their ain right, but it’s obvious that I was working out some of the kinks. The 3rd edition, where I covered Pseudopod, was actually where I felt similar I’d firmly establish my footing. Now, you’ll in all probability banking concern complaint that I tend to praise stories to a greater extent than than I condemn them. The argue for this is two-fold: I’d much rather part a flush I liked than rant almost i I disliked, in addition to infinite is express past times the give-and-take count then I accept to selection my flush amongst care.
Stick around after the reviews for a particular announcement. Well, I intend that’s plenty almost me for now. So without farther ado, i time once to a greater extent than it’s flush time…
Code Geass, flawed though it is. Well, this anime that I volition survive reviewing, I liked it fifty-fifty to a greater extent than than Code Geass.
I promise that y’all accept relish The Audio File. I promise that it has brought corking stories, corking podcasts in addition to corking peoples into your life. And hey, if you’re withal hungry for to a greater extent than I’ve got some other version of The Audio File over on Amazing Stories. So if you’ve been looking for corking non-alternate history good fiction, let’s precisely tell I’ve got y’all covered. You’ll in all probability survive seeing a lot to a greater extent than from that Audio File inwards the close future. On a side note, props to Matt for bringing corking content calendar week after week. You move along a means improve spider web log schedule than I produce amongst my ain blog.
Happy listening to y’all all, in addition to happy 5th anniversary . Thank y’all for listening, I volition meet y’all guys adjacent time.
* * *
Sam McDonald is a college educatee from Shreveport, LA.  When non involved amongst his studies he tin survive found blogging on Amazing Stories, making in addition to posting maps across the spider web in addition to working on curt stories that he hopes to accept published inwards magazines such every bit Lightspeed, Strange Horizons, in addition to the Escape Artists Podcasts.