The Confederat​ion Web Series Kickstarte​r

An intriguing novel Kickstarter called The Confederation has caught my attention. It is a proposed spider web serial laid during the 1960’s inward a footing where the South won the American Civil War. The storey follows a team of Confederate woman someone snipers fighting inward the Cuban War together with a grouping of old slaves. You tin sack cheque out the trailer here.

The betoken of departure for this timeline is the Battle of Puebla inward Mexico, May fifth 1862. In our timeline, the Mexicans win the battle, merely inward The Confederation timeline, the French win the battle, setting off a chain reaction that unintentionally alters the course of didactics of the American Civil War. The producers picked Puebla because it had, at to the lowest degree on the aspect upwards of it, no influential purpose inward the final result of the American Civil War. They are draw of piece of employment solid believers inward the butterfly effect, which is refreshing.

The producers promise to enhance funds inward gild to hit the commencement flavor of the serial together with they are quest for $50k, which volition hold upwards used to comprehend costs involved amongst creating together with distributing the series, including go together with lodging expenses, paying the sort together with crew, place fees, advertisements together with equipment.

They innovation to practice at to the lowest degree 8 episodes that volition hold upwards distributed on, which is dwelling to shows similar  Red vs Blue. Each episode volition hold upwards betwixt 10 to xv minutes long. The serial volition hold upwards inward dark together with white, merely volition convey or together with thus items (ex. flags) inward color, similar to the mode of Robert Rodriguez’s Sin City or Gary Ross’ Pleasantville.

$50k for certain sounds similar an ambitious goal, merely I am curious to come across this spider web serial larn made. With together with thus much alternate history tv set beingness made inward the UK, it would hold upwards squeamish to sentinel a demo that us Yanks tin sack access. Good luck to the producers together with every bit for the residue of you, become check out their Kickstarter.

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