the destination of an era?

My parents convey attended the Kansas State Fair every twelvemonth since 1981– when I was 3 weeks old, as well as Mom carried me some inwards a forepart pack. I never missed a fair until college, as well as and therefore I solely missed twice earlier get-go a novel eight-year streak. That streak may live over now, though. See, nosotros ever went to the fair amongst my grandparents. Once they stopped going, nosotros nonetheless went as well as stayed at their house. But my grandma died final Christmas, as well as her household is on the verge of selling. Once it does, nosotros won’t convey whatever house to say–or truly a argue to run downwards to Kansas. So it’s possible that today’s trip to the Kansas State Fair was our last. Just inwards case, I decided to document it through photos.

We had to larn the fried cheese curds–it’s run something of a tradition for Mom as well as me! (I looked for fried butter for the 35 earlier 35 project, exactly I didn’t meet any.)

Every year, Turkey Hill sets upwards a tent where they ambit away H2O ice cream samples. This year’s H2O ice cream was Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup. Yummy!

I’ve of late discovered I similar almonds. Or perchance “love” is a amend word. So I splurged on these cinnamon carbohydrate covered almonds. Muy delicioso!

We had to ride on Ye Old Mill i to a greater extent than time. This year, it was truly sort of scary!

When nosotros went into the Domestic Arts building, nosotros saw they were giving away SPAM sandwiches. I thoroughly enjoyed mine … exactly Steph refused to drive one.

Steph tried out the Mix-N-Match slushy booth.

If this was our final Kansas State Fair, it was a dandy agency to run out!