why i’m withal (mostly) happy amongst netflix

By now, I experience similar the whole the world knows almost Netflix’s recent questionable moves, but inwards representative you’ve been living nether a rock, hither they are: showtime the toll hike, as well as then the determination to split upwards into 2 services–Netflix for streaming as well as Qwikster for DVD rentals, which was announced inwards CEO Reed Hastings’ “apology” alphabetic character to members.

Both moves, I believe, were dumb as well as handled poorly. Do I sympathize a toll hike? Yes. For the total of streaming I do, I know I’m getting a bargain. Do I sympathize a toll hike of 60%, sprung out of the blueish on customers? No.

I’ve seen it over as well as over i time to a greater extent than inwards word articles as well as other spider web log posts: Netflix’s lack of character movies inwards its streaming catalog greatly diminishes its value. And it’s truthful that recent hitting movies are sorely lacking on Netflix, as well as it’s merely going to larn worse when the Starz catalog disappears side past times side year.

Yet I’m notwithstanding content. While my queue is populated alongside movies no i has always heard of–many of which, quite frankly, volition last nearly unwatchable–I likewise accept a wealth of TV shows at my disposal. Probably 90% of my streaming action is TV shows, as well as I’m non alone. I constitute this article today, which states:

“50% as well as sometimes 60% of viewing is TV episodes now,” said Netflix’s primary content officeholder Ted Sarandos, during a joint keynote at the MIPCOM conference inwards Cannes alongside Miramax CEO Mike Lang.

TV is what I want, as well as TV is what Netflix is giving me. Without Netflix, I wouldn’t accept discovered Jericho, Prison Break, Veronica MarsMonarch of the Glen, Dollhouse, or Felicity. I wouldn’t accept been able to grab upwards on Parks & Recreation in fourth dimension for the premiere of Season three terminal spring. And I wouldn’t accept boot the bucket downright dizzy of late when My Boys, Melissa & Joey, as well as Upstairs, Downstairs showed upwards inwards the “new TV” section.

I did dump my DVD rentals earlier the toll hike went into effect, as well as I await to piece of job Redbox when I merely “have” to encounter a movie. But inwards the calendar month since I went to streaming only, I haven’t missed the DVDs at all.

Perhaps Netflix volition presently brand another lame-brained move that volition campaign me away. But for now, I’m happy to say that I’m notwithstanding a Netflix subscriber.

How create you lot experience almost Netflix? Are you lot checking out Hulu or Amazon Prime? And what’s your greatest Netflix “find”?

If you’re looking for a laugh, banking enterprise jibe out this SNL sketch. Just a warning: it gets a picayune risqué nigh the end. But if you’re a Netflix subscriber, it’s pretty hilarious.

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