ZOOM! Tony Tony Chopper – P.O.P Edition-Z

Today we’re nearly to review the kickoff measure Edition-Z figure, it’s the Tony Tony Chopper figure, the cutest pirate ever! He’s dorsum amongst a red-pirate means as well as a bunch of weapons… Another figure signed Jyango that belongs to the One Piece Z paradigm series.

Megahouse is releasing the Mugiwaras amongst a novel subject for the fourth time, After the Neo, Strong Edition as well as Sailing Again series, it’s fourth dimension to larn the Edition-Z Mugiwaras. The specification of this subject is the true traditional pirate style, boats, coarts weapons as well as fifty-fifty beards, amongst the One Piece impact of course! This Chopper figure has all that it needs to run into these conditions…
Chopper comes amongst three hats: a ruddy large pirate lid amongst a real prissy and voluminous feather tail, the classic Doctor Hiluluk lid as well as a white-dotted bluish bandana. He wears striped babe clothe amongst ruddy as well as white colors as well as a long pinkish coat amongst golden edges. The paradigm undertaking is real nice, as well as is a success, peculiarly that this is a pocket-sized figure as well as details are harder to execute.
Guns, belt as well as sword… Chopper is heavily armed as well as cook for the war! The arsenal’s most attractive betoken is the gilt shiny color, the weapons are bigger than the torso which gives a cute as well as funny await to Chopper. These gadgets brand of this figure a consummate laid upwards as well as plough over it a real expert evaluation note. We’re glad amongst this liberate as well as looking frontwards for the side past times side Edition-Z figures… Stay tuned!

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